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You have reached the individual pledge page for Marcus Dreves. They are accepting pledges to support Surrey's Great Salmon Run Stewardship Groups.

Marcus Dreves' reason for fundraising:

I am fundraising in Surrey's Great Salmon Run. When donating, please choose the Little Campbell Watershed Society OR Langley Environmental Partners Society option to help support my fundraising efforts.

I'm running because my mom thinks baby salmon are cute. I also like salmon when they are small. They are sooo ticklish when they are cute and little.

Salmon fry ROCK!!

Marcus Dreves' Pledge Bar


Raised to date: $ 116.00

Goal: $ 50.00

Thank you to my supporters:

Name Pledge Amt. Message
Robyn Cooper $ 10.00 Way to go Marcus!
Ashley Aune $ 1.00 Have an ice cream when you are done!
Mommy! $ 20.00 So proud buddy! All your practicing will pay off
Great Auntie I and Brian $ 10.00 Marcus, you are the best!!!!
Steve and Audrey $ 20.00 Hey Marcus, have a FUN run for the little fry
Leslie Kristoff $ 10.00 Run fast Marcus, as fast as the little fry swim!
Patti Gordon $ 10.00 Way to go Marcus, helping out the baby salmon
Grama and Granpa $ 10.00 You are wonderful, you make us proud.
David Dreves $ 10.00 Good work buddy!
Kathy Young $ 5.00
Sharon Jones $ 10.00 Go Marcus, go....Yeah!!

Surrey's Great Salmon Run Stewardship Groups

Surrey's Great Salmon Run is supporting the following stewardship groups:


A Rocha Canada: BC Centre at Brooksdale Property - Visit the website

Cougar Creek Streamkeepers - Visit the website

Ducks Unlimited Canada - BC Spartina Working Group: Surrey Project Areas - Visit the website

Elgin Creek Rescue

Friends of Semiahmoo Bay Society - Visit the website

Langley Environmental Partners Society – Visit the website

Little Campbell Watershed Society - Visit the website

Nicomekl Enhancement Society (Nicomekl Hatchery) - Visit the website

Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club (Little Campbell Hatchery) - Visit the website

Serpentine Enhancement Society (Tynehead Hatchery) - Visit the website

Stream of Dreams Mural Society  - Visit the website

You can also choose to donate to all the groups equally

When making a donation please indicate which group you would like your donation to be directed to or if it should be split equally between all.

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