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Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation

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Hills of Erin Cancer Prevention Foundation


Brief History


Prevent Cancer Now began with a long distance telephone discussion among 15 Canadians in various parts of the country in December 2004. We decided that Canada needed a bold new initiative to focus on primary cancer prevention, to balance costly, seemingly endless searches for cancer cures, and attempts to control cancer through more widespread screening and early diagnosis. In 2007, after finalizing our constitution and bylaws, Prevent Cancer Now was legally incorporated.



Our Mission


To eliminate the preventable causes of cancer


Our Goals


  • Create a national movement for cancer prevention;


  • Entrench use of the precautionary principle;
  • Devote more funds to primary prevention (from the current 2%), and act on what we know prevents cancer;
  • Improve regulations and policies to end environmental and workplace exposure to carcinogens; and


  • Support individuals — especially marginalized groups — communities, businesses and governments to reduce or eliminate cancer-causing exposures.


What We Do

  • Promote legislative and policy reforms;

  • Run focused campaigns;
  • Conduct public education; and

  • Promote member and group development and activities.




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